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SERIANE by UP trace : Asset Tracking and Managment Software


  • A complete solution
    for the follow-up and management of your company's assets
  • Register and identify your assets
    SERIANE identifies assets with barcodes, 2D-codes or RFID
  • Locate and move
    SERIANE allows you to locate your company's assets in real time
  • Follow, manage and organize
    SERIANE allows you to associate assets to people, building sites or other places
  • Intuitive interface
    Ergonomic and multilingual

Product details:

The SERIANE by UP trace solution: manage and follow your company's assets thanks to a professional software. Identify through a unique code (barcode, 2Dcode, RFID) your assets, people and places.

Scope: Solution for any assets'owning company. Assets being : furniture, tables, chairs, PC, portable PC, GSM, printers, art pieces, tools, vehicles, work machines, ...

Main features:

  • Multi-entities (or companies) management
  • Assets management on basis of models
  • Assets management on basis of parameterized classes
  • Creation, modification and cancellation of serialized assets
  • Contacts management and assets assignment to persons
  • Multi-level position management (sites, building, room…)
  • User’s management with password protection
  • Filtered searches on the whole fields
  • Standard or custom filters use
  • Creation, modification or cancellation of the personalized views
  • Easy exportation of the data
  • Barcode labels edition for assets and places
  • Complete history of positions and assignments for each asset
  • Multilingual interface (English, French, Dutch)
  • Inventory function through a handheld device with standard report generation

Functionalities on handheld devices:

  • Asset identification
  • Asset moving
  • Asset assignment
  • Inventory by place

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