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Primary labeling

e-Packaging Saturno


  • Labeling machines
    Face, Top, Bottom, rond products,
  • Conveyor - labeling sets
    Up to 4 labelers by set
  • Control managment
    Management by PLC and tousch screen
  • All type of industry
    Food and beverage, chimical, cosmetic, co-packing,...
  • Extra Marking and Coding
    Optional marking and coding by Inkjet, laser, Thermal Transfer

Product details:

The e-packaging SATURNO range are conveyor-labelling machines-PLC sets that can be easily integrated into any production or primary packaging line. Ideal for label applications on cylindrical, conical, oval and flat products , it is controlled by a central touch screen-equipped PLC for all parameters setting in order to obtain a perfect labeling, whatever the production speed.


  • Conveyors: variable speed, different dimensions possible;
  • Up to 4 labelers on the same Saturno set (sides, top, bottom)
  • Affixing flat labels by winding, on several faces simultaneously (up to three faces), by flap
  • Electronic control with PLC + touch screen
  • Height and depth labellers leveling with screw ball with counter
  • Rotolatore system for labeling cylindrical or conical packages
  • Sequencer to create the necessary space between products
  • Mechanical or electrical guide for good support of lighter products (side or top)
  • Construction materials: aluminum and / or stainless

At these " all-in-one " systems we can add numerous options for an even more perfect match to your needs: ink jet printing, laser or thermal transfer of Lot DLC, sleeving, product orientation, OCR proofreading, labels position verification, ....

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