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Ink for CIJ Printer


  • MEK Ink
    For all supports

Product details:

Inks for all industrial sectors

Multiple colours available, MEK, acetone or ethanol bases,thermochromic inks, for wet surfaces, washable inks, and other to satisfy all the needs. 


Citronix printing systems are used for a large panel of sectors including alimentary, beverage, paper, home products, sweets, bakery, pharmaceuticals, automotive, wood and post. They can print from 1 to 5 lines great quality text, graphics or barcodes. 

Main features:

  • Rapid drying inks with strong grip offer an exceptional printing quality at speeds up to 400m/min.
  • Inks suitable for a large panel of supports or for different external conditions.
  • Fast drying or ecological inks adapt to many applications.  

A special inks selection was developed for the Citronix series.


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