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Small characters Inkjet marking

Citronix Ci 5500


  • New Citronix Ci 5500
    More performance and easy
  • Warranty
    30 months warranty
  • WYSIWYG + Apps for Smartphone
    Very simple user interface with a graphical screen
  • Smart Flush
    Self-cleaning of the printhead system
  • Print Quality
    Printing of 1 to 5 lines up to 19 mm height with Pixel Plus quality
  • Integration
    Ethernet interface, RS232, I/O for integration into production lines and ERP
  • Low ink consumption
    The lowest ink consumption of the market

Product details:

Real-time printing of small characters: the Citronix Ci5500 prints quickly, reliably and without contact on a variety of media.

Industrial printers warranty 30 months


On movement marking of the Best Befor and/or Lot number on primary packagings during manufacture

Main features:

Markings from 1,5 to 19 mm

Printing of 1 to 5 lines

Text, barcode, 2D code, logo,...

Print speed up to 470 m/min

Immediate drying on all types of supports

Bottle of Ink and MEK od 750ml

SmartFlush, PixelPlus, Ci Link processes

MTBF 30.000 hours

ARIANE by UPtrace complient


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