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AGRIANE by UP trace : Palox managment


  • A reliable solution for the follw-up of your Palox
    Every container is unique

Product details:

A reliable solution for the follow-up of your palox


  • Every container is unique

Each of your containers is assigned a unique label with Datamatrix code. The batch of fruits or vegetables is associated with the unique number from its entry to the exit through all the stages of storage or processing.
The system works equally well with palox, big-bags, IBCs or any other type of container.

  • Simple and intuitive user's interface

The user interface is designed to avoid any loss of time by reducing the encodings to the strictly necessary.
With a simple gesture, the operator can switch from one operation to another and simultaneously manage inputs, transfers and outputs.

  • Made-on-measure management of your stocks

Standard AGRIANE is capable of managing storage areas including inaccessible locations, variable heights and storage lines in multiple orientations.
The application integrates a precise mapping of your storage areas facilitating the work of the operator even in the most complex cases.

  • Equipment for all events

The terminals embedded on the machines are designed to work both indoors and outdoors in all seasons.
The barcode scanner can read the palox labels with Datamatrix code several meters away from it in the dark or in direct sunlight.

Main functionalities

Application for terminals on machines

  • Multi-Terminal Operations for Teamwork
  • Transfers from stock
  • Outputs per order and / or per customer
  • Possible movements with up to three paloxes simultaneously on forks
  • Ability to manage up to eight calibrations simultaneously
  • Automated container management
  • Real-time alerts when handling incorrectly
  • Consulting the stock in 2D +

Supervising's application

  • Multi-criteria searches in stock
  • Traceability history available at palox
  • Management of orders by customer
  • History of Operations and Exits
  • Management of variety references, plots, classes, sizes and containers
  • Configuring your storage areas
  • Generating an MS-Excel file with the color mapping of your stocks


  • Automatic synchronization with the server under a Wifi Hotspot
  • Interfacing with your business management software

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