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The link between the
Automated processes
in Production or
Logistics and ERP

SERIANE by UP trace

SERIANE by UP trace, a Tracking software to serialize assets

Identify, locate and move assets, persons or places through a unique code:

A complete solution to track and manage your assets with confidence:

  • Register and identify your assets
    SERIANE identifies your assets with barcodes, 2D codes or electronic tags.
    Result: unique and non-equivoque identification of all your assets
  • Locate and move
    SERIANE allows you to locate in real time your company’s assets
    Result: rapid management of the moves and reassignments
  • Follow, manage and organize
    SERIANE allows you to associate assets to persons, working sites or other places
    Result: an infallible tracking and precise inventories
  • Interface
    SERIANE allows you to exchange data with another computer system (ERP, data base, accountant software...)

Intuitive, ergonomic and multilingual interface


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