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Competences and
technologies adapted
to your needs


Understanding you is our job

Each company has its specificities.

We develop solutions by listening to you and by observing the global context and the environment in which you evolve. Through many questions we care that any element lacks and we then confront them to our precise knowledge and to our large experience in automatic identification, marking and automation. It’s basically on these prerequisites that we’ll be able to build the adequate answer to your needs.

We want to understand you fully: Simplify Your Traceability was developed to ensure your daily and future successes.

Basically, we realize software functional analyses, technical analyses, Wi-Fi or RFID site surveys with your company’s involved divisions. On this basis we compile detailed reports or plans allowing you to visualize your future solutions in your environment and with your own data. That formalization through reports allows implementations to be efficient and professional and, most importantly, avoids ambiguity for an utmost security and serenity.