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Since many years now UP trace has offered large numbers of solutions in Automatic Identification to solve frequent problems. New technologies came and complete the panel: Radio-frequency Identification or RFID.

In logistics, expedition or production RFID allows pallets identification, ensures containers transport or allows correspondence between container and contained. RFID allows identification even in difficult environmental conditions, even without visual contact between the reader and the goods. This allows a reliable and rapid detection and an effective costs reduction.

UP trace offers a large diversity of applications with close or open loop RFID on the basis of low (LF), median (HF) or high frequencies (UHF) as well as diverse fix or mobile high tech solutions thanks to our experience and expertise. UP trace selected a range of material responding to precise criteria in terms of performance and reliability: readers, fix antennas, handheld devices, printers and RFID tags, completed by our Middleware ARIANE by UP trace. These allow us to answer to simple to very complex demands.

Just like analysis and previous tests (RFID Site Survey) remain essential before those high-tech installations our specialists are strongly trained and acquired a large experience.

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