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Barcode and 2D-readers

Wired and Bluetooth Barcode/2D readers

Thanks to its large experience in automatic identification UP trace offers a panel of barcode and 2D readers, wired or Bluetooth, in order to answer to its customer’s data collecting needs such as:
industrial readers or handhelds with wired USB, RS232, PS/2 or other connections as well as Bluetooth versions with charging dock and battery. Various reading technologies are possible: laser, linear imager and imager to read standard bar codes or 2D codes from very short distances to several meters. Hands-free use configuration possible (with support). These products correspond to multiple applications: inventories, stock management, orders picking, traceability … and match with every activity (distribution and shops, logistics, production, hospitals, …)

Portable Sick reader Barcode reader

Fix barcode/2D readers

Barcode and 2D readers increase productivity at production and logistics and improve automation. Their exceptional reading performance ensures processes flow, even with damaged- or bad quality codes. High frequency scanning allowing a quick process. Easy networking and comfort at use.

The range of products selected by UP trace attributes the right solution to each task: for 1D or 2D codes, for direct marking codes (laser, points marking, inkjet) on metal, plastic or paper surfaces. Multiple compatibility thanks to their connectivity (Ethernet, Bus, RS232…): from the machine to the ordering system, whatever the environment.

For an advanced integration UP trace completes the offer thanks to the Middleware ARIANE by UP trace.


Fixed 1D reader Fixed 2D reader Fixed reader