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October 2013 newsletter


Caves Gales : quality requirements… even for marking !

As a family business in the heart of Luxemburg’s vineyards, the Caves Gales in Ellange have seen over the past 95 years a succession of four generations at the head of the company. Family tradition and pursuit of excellence have been at any time drivers of the business.
Like its predecessors, the current CEO Marc Gales remains resolutely turned towards the future with the introduction of a new site in Ellange, dedicated to the sparkling method. A building and facilities to its philosophy’s image: high technology at the service of quality.

Consisting of an air-conditioned warehouse of over one million resting bottles of traditional method and a vast fully automated chain of disgorging, dressing and packaging able to handle 25,000 bottles a day, the site of Ellange is placed since its establishment under the supervision of Pascal Birrou, Head of Production:
"Everything here has been designed to accommodate a growing demand and thus a continued expansion of the company. Today we have a very high level of automation. Seasonal work transforms the production hall in a hive and then rates must enable tense flows. No damage nor dysfunction could be tolerated at that times. "

UP trace was chosen as partner to equip the end of the trail with a boxes’marking system: a critical stage, whose lack of reliability could be blocking for all stages upstream and could jeopardize production’s schedules.
UP trace attributes selected were:

  •  a largely proven reliable high-tech equipment
  •  proximity in case of technical intervention’s need

After a rigorous study of the implantation parameters, our technical division recommended UBScode High Resolution inkjet printer APLINK MR to ensure:

  •  high rates of marking
  •  high print quality
  •  extreme reliability in heavy, but periodic use
  •  development opportunities for marking type (text, graphics ...) and subsequent software integration

"For six months the printer is installed, our satisfaction is total. We know that the Aplink MR can be operational without delay, even after several days of rest. We just have to connect the machine to make it functional, and its use is extremely easy for the operator thanks to its intuitive touch screen " confirms Pascal Birrou. He adds: "The Aplink MR assumes perfectly our seasonal flows and -significant quality- uses very little ink! ".

Allowing Caves Gales to ... make the corks blow!