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June 2014 newsletter


Integrated and controlled Production Management at Famaplast

Famaplast SA, based in Soleuvre, Luxemburg,  is specialized since 1975 in the manufacture of polyethylene protection tubes for underground cables.
For over 30 years now, its CEO Patric Michelis succeeded his father by combining the family aspect of the business with its development towards an international renown. As major assets, he chose quality, adaptability and compliance with environmental standards (70% production from recycled materials).
With four to five hundred reference-articles (a hundred in permanent stock), a production of 22-25 tons a day, 6 production lines operated 7 days on 7 and up to 80% of export, a more rigorous management of production, inventories and orders in progress was essential to ensure the company's performance.

UP trace was chosen by Famaplast for its industrial experience, its specialized expertise and its ability to understand the overall functioning of an industry, with its priorities and critical positions. The purpose of this choice was to obtain a solution perfectly adapted and profitable: "Having worked with the team for many years, we just knew we could trust in UP trace choices and we could totally rely on them. The team is performing, highly responsive, and moreover, really friendly! " says Mr. Michelis.

The implemented solution consists in a simple , ergonomic and evolvable management of
products labeling
storage and shipments through barcodes

To do so, it relied on:
Ariane by UP trace Middleware suite installed on a central server and mobile devices, and interfacing with Famaplast's ERP
• Industrial Sato GZ412 high resolution printers, driven by Ariane Print module coupled to NiceLabel software for managing product labels printing, with or without logos
• A functional application for data acquisition  using mobile devices
• A Psion handheld Omnii RT15 infrastructure with strong industrial characteristics

 Production labeling

The generation of a specific type of label is made from a glance by printer operators: the Ariane Print module with its highly intuitive graphical interface makes it possible to collect data from the ERP and ensures their availability for Sato printers.
Products identification is clear and unequivocal, notably thanks to barcodes. These allow the identification of any subsequent step.

 Storage and Shipping management

The Psion handheld terminals are connected to the Ariane server through communication docks enabling data synchronization twice a day. At this time:

  • Ariane transfers any new order encoded in the ERP by office employees to the Psion handheld devices 
  • Ariane transmits to the ERP production declarations encoded in Psion handheld devices by operators and generates an entry into stock
  • Ariane sends picking orders to the Psion devices on the basis of orders in progress
  • Ariane communicates to ERP shipping declarations encoded in the Psion devices by trucks loading operators. ERP deducts shippings from stock

 As a result, Famaplast today manages an important daily turnover with the reliability, performance and accuracy  it finds essential, without ever having to deal with shortages. Any information transfer error is discarded. Accordingly, production is perfectly adjusted to the demand.

Patric Michelis is very satisfied: "We now have a flawless solution for production management, which has increased the flow of information for a totally reliable use. It allows us to keep the company at a technical level of quality thanks to a powerful equipment. "