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September 2014 newsletter


STÛV: made-to-measure packaging management

Stűv, one of Belgium's leading wood and gas-burning fireplaces designs, manufactures and markets individual heating solutions. If its products have now become synonymous with quality, creativity and design, Stűv is also a leading economic actor  at national and international level: 12,000 fireplaces a year, which 75% exported through Europe and North America, 110 direct jobs at two sites (Bois-de-Villers and Floreffe), 4 production lines, one painting line and 2 robots to automate simple tasks, ... Its strategic partnership with the dutch company Tulp has expanded the wood range to gas, and soon to the pellets. A boom that what dizzy but does not prevent the founder of Stűv Gerard Pitance, and the General Director, Jean-François Sidler, to pursue their logic of innovation and differentiation while maintaining local supply, production and quality control .

 To ensure an optimal adaptation of the company to its growth and challenges, its leaders were looking for a performing solution for packaging management. As the goal was to cover the multitude of data streams generated by picking and packing, integration of this solution in the company's ERP (SAP) was logically required .
UP trace was selected for its ability to provide made-to-measure and evolutionary software solutions, and for its extensive experience in optimizing inventory management. The Middleware Ariane by UP trace, in particular, convinced the future users: with its standard heart on which various specific modules can be grafted, it consists in a properly fitted channel for data between production or logistics operators, and ERP.

A preliminary technical analysis was performed on-site by our specialists to clarify the needs, constraints and future business objectives.
Based on this, a specific Ariane by UP trace version was proposed to Stûv and implemented on rugged and user-friendly mobile terminals Motorola MC3100. These, located in logistics, can contact SAP to enable the management of complex workflows at packing and packaging of fireplaces, accessories and after-sales service spare.
Labeling of packages was in turn secured by the acquisition of NiceLabel software and Zebra ZM400 printers.

"Now we no longer use paper lists for management packings and transport orders come down to 3 sheets of infallible data, greatly reducing the amount of waste, errors and wasted time" confirms François Puissant , Head of Shipments. "When a carrier arrives at the loading dock, the exact number of parcels and pallets to be removed is immediately communicated. Their marking labels , generated by NiceLabel, have also become clear and consistent, better suited to the professionalism of our company. "

A solution desired, at the image of its acquirer, evolutionary and future-oriented!