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June 2017 newsletter


IVC Luxembourg: unique solution of HR UV marking on industrial vinyls

Founded in 1997, IVC Group has rapidly grown to become a leading player in vinyl flooring in Europe and North America in a few years. Today, a portfolio of four brands is produced at five advanced production sites, including IVC Luxembourg in Wiltz. Recently, IVC joined the Mohawk Group, the world leader in floor coverings.
Each year, the 150 enthusiastic employees of the Luxembourg entity bring about 30 million m2 of vinyl flooring. The company constantly strives to improve in the development of high-tech and quality products, but also in terms of social responsibility. A company more than ever oriented "innovation" and "development"!

Jean Dubois, Plant Manager, explains the challenges of this project:

"Gradually shifting some of our supplies to a professional clientele requires us to manufacture products that are increasingly complex and easy to install. Some of our products required printed signage on the back of the coverings to indicate the direction of installation. We were looking for a simple, space-saving and flexible solution. This created certain constraints to the realization:

  • a flexibility in positioning prints due to the variable width of our vinyl rolls;
  • a print size large enough for optimal visibility of the arrows
  • a double printing synchronized at regular intervals throughout the rollers.
  • an ultra-fast drying printing because carried out between two coating stations.

Based on a successful collaboration with UP trace in the group, IVC has chosen to collaborate with this services company for its capabilities to offer a "turn-key" solution. To fit into the existing production line, to adapt to the variable measurements of the supports while maintaining an adequate distance between the double arrows at each interval, to align with the production rates guaranteeing a perfect result, ... so many challenges that this local company could only raise! "

For this direct marking solution in dynamic mode with high-speed drying constraints, the project team of UP trace has opted for the high resolution UV printing technology of our exclusive partner UBS code, perfectly adapted, Aplink UVX. Its UV curing system for instant message drying and ink droplet size control technology make it the economical, high-quality solution to print perfectly on smooth surfaces. Ecological also, because without the least solvent.

For simplicity, economy, and to ensure a perfect synchronization of the markings on both sides of the vinyl strip, UP trace has also proposed that a single controller directs the two print heads. These high-resolution printers allow messages up to 70mm in height to be printed and could also be used to print messages or other logos as needed. Today, the imagined solution is in place, conforming to the starting requirements and printing about 7200 bends / hour.

Jean Dubois concludes for us:

"It's again a fruitful collaboration with the sales and technical teams of UP trace that led to a really satisfying solution! Robust and industrial, the dual UBS Aplink UVX printer in place today demonstrates its reliability, ease of use, flexibility and innovating technology with perfect results. Adaptable in the future according to our needs, we know that UP trace, thanks to its proximity and its reactivity, is at our side to help us evolve over time. "