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June 2017 newsletter


NEW UBScode APLINK LCX: basic solution for HR direct marking on cardboards

Last born of the Aplink family, the LCX series is the newest generation of UBScode's High-Resolution (HR) inkjet printers. Single-head provided, designed to encode porous surfaces of secondary packaging, it perfectly meets basic needs. So inevitably, an economical solution for an HR technology ...

We appreciated :

  • Its capacity to print in HR is on the top (resolution up to 180dpi) or on the side (resolution up to 360dpi) of cartons, our messages, texts, logos, dates, barcodes ... from 17 to 72mm from Height;
  • Its 4th generation piezoelectric head allowing up to 50m / min printings on production lines;
  • Its modular design allowing height and depth adjustments to suit any production line;
  • Its mineral 100% ecological ink, solvent- and alcohol-free, and instantly drying in contact with a porous surface;
  • Its 5.7'' color touch screen and its hyper-friendly interface which informs us in real time about the status of the printer
  • The ease to change ink bottles without interrupting the production process;
  • Its easy integration into any database or ERP to create user-friendly messages through ARIANE by UP trace Middleware;
  • Its possible coupling to a UV LED system for printing on gloss cardboards
  • Its extremely low maintenance requirements (once a year as a preventive measure)
  • Its price (from 6,000, - €)