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March 2017 newsletter


ZEBRA TC51/TC56 terminal: Powerful performance

Sacrificing corporate functions for design or design for corporate functions now belongs to the past. Rugged all-terrain industrial design, practical features and functionality of consumer smartphones, Zebra enterprise functions, exclusive power, security and manageability features, the TC51 / TC56 is a unique industrial touchscreen terminal:

  • Compatible with Ariane by UP trace
  • Fastest and most reliable wireless connections inside as well as outside
  • Unmatched processing power and high energy efficiency, to do everything with maximum efficiency
  • Maximum Display Dimensions and Advanced Technology for Intuitive Graphic Applications
  • Supreme performance of 1D / 2D barcode reading, even if dirty, damaged and badly printed
  • 13 MP camera for ultra high resolution photos
  • Higher-performance hex-core processor: monopolizes 15% less power, applications run up to 5 times faster, 5-inch capacitive touchscreen readable in full sunlight provides easy operation, familiar functions and Great flexibility, even in the rain, with gloves or a stylus.
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow