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March 2017 newsletter


GALACTIC and ARIANE by UP trace: a completed traceabilty

With an existence of more than 20 years, GALACTIC is a flagship company in the biotechnology sector. Its extensive experience in the fermentation of lactic acid and numerous derivatives enables it to continually develop sustainable, innovative and healthy natural solutions in the fields of food safety, nutrition and green chemistry. Its Belgian Headquarters and Innovation center, production sites and sales offices in the United States, China and Europe, bring together more than 350 people on 5 continents. Its values of Innovation and Commitment constantly push the company to excellence.

As part of its expansion, GALACTIC wanted to set up an automated solution for placing one or more A5 product labels on bags, cans or drums on its new packaging line. After being filmed the pallets of bags, cans, cartons or drums also had to be labeled on one or two sides. The same is true for IBCs out of line.

The UP trace solutions were chosen by GALACTIC Production and IT Managers for their particularly industrial character and their remarkable integration, both on all production lines but also in any existing ERP system, Navision in this case.
On the basis of a rigorous functional analysis on site in order to perfectly identify the needs and meet all the customer's expectations, UP trace has proposed and implemented a complete traceability solution at the heart of which ARIANE by UP trace middleware plays an essential role. "An unwavering preparation from UP trace team as well as meticulous tests allowed an efficient go-live in order to limit its duration as much as possible" notes Marcel Anrys, IT Manager.


To ensure the marking of empty bags as soon as they leave the conditioning machine, a UBS APL3500 Linear label applicator with SATO S86-EX print engine prints and applies A5 labels. A rate of 100 bags per hour is respected. One or two labels are affixed to each bag. The labeling of the cans is carried out by two UBS APL3500 Linear Blow label applicators, which print with the same motor and blow-mold the label at two places on the container at a rate of 64 cans per hour. For some products, labeling must be done manually, so a SATO CL6NX printer was installed along the line. It is doubled with a printer of the customer, perfectly integrated in the solution. The filled bags and the cans join the IBC on a conveyor belt. A gantry scanning the label affixed to the packaging allows the recognition of the pallet before filming and the new identification step. This is ensured by a UBS APL8200 Print & Apply allowing printing of the pallet labels horizontally on one or two sides, according to the needs, at the rate of 16 pallets per hour approximately.
This material has been chosen for its highly industrial characteristics of robustness, reliability and longevity, criteria essential to a production as demanding as that of GALACTIC.


The Middleware ARIANE by UP trace is the key element of the system. It is the real "conductor" between the production line automator, the labeling equipment, and the Navision ERP of the customer.
It allows:

  •  The initialization of the Print & Apply machines according to the manufacturing order being produced on a section, transmitted by the customer's PLC
  •  Searching for labeling data related to the production order and merging these data with the relevant label templates
  •  Automated printing and applying of a precise and configurable number of A5 product labels on each container.
  •  The creation of new label masks thanks to the integrated NiceLabel Designer tool.

The entire solution is now running at full capacity for more than a year. The hardware and software support contract that covers the entire solution ensures GALACTIC and its managers a seamless serenity: the commitment of a remote control or an intervention on site as soon as possible in case of any fault, whatever its origin.

A team "on the bridge", alongside this beautiful company with many challenges!