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March 2017 newsletter

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AGRI DETROZ and ARIANE by UP trace: performance and serenity objectives achieved!
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AGRI DETROZ and ARIANE by UP trace: performance and serenity objectives achieved!

AGRI DETROZ is an important agricultural company situated in the Belgian Condroz, which has been specialized for more than 30 years in the cultivation and trade of potatoes, as well as beetroot and other crops. With a continuously growing crop area, this family-run farming now covers more than 430ha for an annual output of 20,000 tons. While 6 full-time jobs ensure the daily life of the company, this figure rises to more than 20 people in season - that is twice a year - to take on the extra workload.

"In other words, the company, which is also confronted with a multiplicity of cultivated plots (40), the constraints of the rotation of soils, the commercial requirements of multiple varieties (12) and sizes (4) of potatoes, and finally, with an unpredictable climate, is broken to an indispensable flexibility and has developed a great adaptability "explains Lucas Orts, Quality Manager.

AGRI DETROZ supplies major Belgian and international food groups in the field of fresh, fries and chips, as well as in the specific and requiring field of Baby food. Clearly, traceability is not an empty word!
"It's really all these variables that made inventory management and forecasting extremely stressful! "explains Lucas Orts. "Engaging with large client groups on the basis of approximations was no longer possible, we had to acquire powerful tools to meet their demands".

UP trace quickly understood the needs of this growing company: the criteria for flexibility, evolutivity and accessibility of the solution had to be respected. After an on-site analysis in order to precisely identify the parameters and potential flows, a stock management solution based on its ARIANE by UP trace software was proposed. It aimed to associate the different variables of each harvested potato entity (pallox) with its storage location (2 to 300 movements per refrigerator, 8 existing refrigerators), both at the entry and at the exit, to link these data with the enterprise management information system, in order to centralize them and make them accessible for commercial purposes.

In practice, each pallox is now identified by a PVC label with Datamatrix code. Clarkists, equipped with embarked Honeywell readers and PC screens, associate by scanning each pallox with variables specific to its content and to the exact location of its storage. The latter is actually easily identified by the operator thanks to the real-time 2D + 1 representation of the refrigerators on its control screen. From then on ARIANE by UP trace is both the software interface allowing user-friendly visualization and encoding, but also the middleware that will allow the channeling of all this data to the centralized IT management of the company.

After several months of use, the enthusiasm of the AGRI DETROZ team is intact: "Initial fears about users adaptation to change were soon forgotten thanks to the important intuitivity and accesibility of the UP trace solution. Even for people less accustomed to the use of computers it posed no problem! The first weeks, memorable as at the height of the harvest season, were the opportunity for additional adjustments and urgent requests: in addition to the essential evolutivity of the solution, we appreciated an ultra-available team with remarkable flexibility, perfectly understanding today's SME challenges  ".

Profits were quickly identified by the company's executives and Mr Orts quotes them in conclusion: time savings, errors decrease, inventory knowledge and profitabilityimprovement with a direct result of increased competitiveness of Agri-Detroz and ... a lot less stress! An argument that counts!