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March 2016 newsletter


Pastificio della Mamma, quality and security first!

Main belgian player in the production of fresh pasta, Pastificio della Mamma was created in 1980 to offer the ultra complete range of products "Pasta della Mamma" for restaurants, wholesalers and supermarkets. With an annual output of 3,000 tons of which 35% for export, 4 production lines and 40 employees, Pastificio della Mamma displays a large smile and continues its remarkable evolution. To ensure its expansion, the company materializes its project in the durability and flexibility, and constantly modernizes to ensure quality, safety and hygiene.

Giving all its importance to data security, Pastificio della Mamma sought  for a direct labeling solution on continuous plastic films and for a managing centralized printing solution compatible with its entire printer fleet. The labeling on the food packaging film should include list of ingredients, bar code and expiration date. No label could be applied. Quality and perfect legibility were required.

In order to strictly meet the customer's demand, UP trace chose after an on-site analysis of the packaging line to propose the integration of two Carl Valentin Dynacode II 128 printers. Perfectly responding to printing precision criteria thanks to the 300dpi technology, over a width of 128mm, in intermittent mode and with an integrated touch screen, they have the advantage of full compliance with the food industrial environment . Their transfer Optimizer on film is a particularly economical first choice solution.

For centralized printing management, UP trace recommended to install the label edition Nice Label Power Forms software. Enabling the design of barcode labels with text and logos and to create printing applications, it consists of a custom solution that reduces manual data entry, risk of human error and increases efficiency. It allows to easily adapt the printings to the enterprise interface and user needs. In addition, Nice Label softwares exhibit high compatibility with all types of printers, allowing the control of Pastificio della Mamma's entire machine fleet.

Finally, to deal with any failure or clumsiness likely to curb production, the solution was provided from installing an UP trace support contract guaranteeing Pastificio della Mamma rapid interventions remotely or on-site as required. A comfort and safety not to be overlooked when one knows a shutdown's costs ...

One year after the go-live, Noël Levaux, Pastificio della Mamma IT Manager, comments the solution:
"The proposed solution allows us to move progressively towards a more centralized management of our labeling and to ensure a growing consistency of as well marking patterns as texts printed on our products.
If human error remains possible as we still do a lot of manual operations in our workshop, the system put in place allows us to guarantee the security and consistency of information related to food product safety, a responsibility of our Quality department. And at the same time, productivity through standardization and simplification of production's labeling operations. "