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March 2016 newsletter


ACCUMALUX: developping one's technologies with UP trace

ACCUMALUX Group is the European number one in production of plastic components for batteries. Based in Luxembourg, the Group is also present in the Czech Republic, Australia, Bulgaria and Russia. With over 300 experienced employees and 36.000m² production and storage halls, 74 production lines (31 in Luxembourg) and injection molding machines, ACCUMALUX exports up to 24 million batteries kits in 27 countries worldwide. Facing a strong Quality Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility, the company is focusing more than ever on its future by continued technologies development.

It is in this spirit of reliability and profitability that an integrated solution for automated pallet labeling after production was sought. UP trace, as an integrator of traceability solutions, was the ideal partner due to its expertise in both technical and software, and was immediately consulted.
After the necessary steps of on-site comprehensive analysis for needs and constraints, of the analysis report and of the presentation of a Project's detailed technical guide, the UP trace Head of Projects strictly followed every step of the solution's implementation until the customer's final approval.

Based on software suite ARIANE by UP trace, basically an automates and printings (PLCs) control agent able to dialogue with the ERP's, but also on a set of specific PLCs carefully selected by our Technique and Software teams working hand in hand, this solution provides for more than 3 years complete satisfaction to ACCUMALUX.

Intervening after production, it consists of a real communication network, which will start to channel every relevant information for the proper and inevitable identification of each outgoing pallet:

  • Receiving a pallet ready-signal from the wrapping system in place at ACCUMALUX, ARIANE activates a Sick CLV650 fixed optical scanner and receives production information read by production's barcode scanning ;
  • ARIANE dialogues with ACCUMALUX's ERP SAP basing on scanned information and asks for a data file to generate an SSCC label. ARIANE double-checks;
  • ARIANE sends the file's data to our print & apply labeling machine UBS APL8200;
  • ARIANE asks the wrapping system to present the pallet to the APL8200 for labelling;
  • ARIANE gives APL8200 the order to apply in two movements the SSCC label on the back of the pallet;
  • The pallet is leaving the system and SAP data are up to date.

At ACCUMALUX production, people feels perfectly enthusiastic: "The aim of this integration was of course to avoid human error and to ensure a 100% reliable labeling. With UP trace, we largely achieved it: no error has been noted over the past year and the interface with our ERP works perfectly. For our operators, the use of the system is simple and maintenance really easy. We are clearly talking about achieved objectives and a large satisfaction ".