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June 2016 newsletter


PANELUX S.A.: UBScode APL3800 print&apply for pallet labeling

Panelux S.A. is a luxemburg major player in the field of baking and pastry. Constantly expanding, the company based in Roodt-Syre employs over 500 people and today processes 60 tons of flour a day, 7 days 7 and 24 to 24. The Panelux SA production splits into two activities: on the one hand, production and fine distribution on the great region of a wide range of fresh products (300 items / day, 30 rounds, 500 points daily deliveries); secondly, the production of frozen ready to cook products for the European premium market in bakery and pastry.

In order to meet its customers expectations for over 50 years, Panelux S.A. pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials. Quality is guaranteed by a team of specialists who, through advanced equipment, control each product, and perpetuates a know-how in the greatest respect for tradition. By constantly upgrading its infrastructure and increasing its production capacity, it confirms today its development in terms of quality, reliability, and rates.

To ensure the labeling of pallets on its new production line, the Panelux company appealed to UP trace both for its expertise and for its range of quality solutions, highly reliable. The goal is to print and apply A5 SSCC label on one side of each outgoing pallet for shipping. An operation carried out brilliantly, thanks to the communication with Panelux ERP, SAP, which helps bring up the print data in good and due form on the label.

After on-site analysis, for Panelux S.A. own environment, constraints and requirements , the technical team of UP trace recommended APL3800 of UBScode,  a Print & Apply machine for labeling on 1 or 2 sides of pallets. For compatibility with SAP, it was equipped with a Zebra print engine. The reasons for choosing the APL3800 were:

  • Compact and adjustable: small footprint for easy end of line integration  (height adjustable);
  • Robust: highly reliable;
  • Capacity: up to 600 pallets per hour;
  • Login: PLC board for optimal communication with the conveyor's control
  • Connectivity: full integration with SAP ERP;
  • Zebra print engine;
  • User-friendly: easy access for quick change of consumables

In a word, for the Panelux Group, a solution combining simplicity and efficiency!