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June 2016 newsletter


4m Europe and UP trace: ensured ROI for tools management

4m Europe, a Belgian company founded in 1998, has quickly established itself as an indispensable partner in the implementation of industrial and decorative flooring based on epoxy resin or polyurethane. Its philosophy is built on the values of requirements and of strict and appropriate technical procedures, ensuring constant quality in all its achievements.

If the 3000m² Battice site is strong of a team of 15 consultants and more than 50 highly experienced installers, the company is also confirmed since 2005 on the international scale with its subsidiaries 4m France, 4m Luxembourg, 4m Poland 4m UK and 4m Gulf.
Like any growing business, such a boom in terms of achievements, labor and equipment required a rigorous policy of resources management. With the inevitable movement of tools between sites, the risk of material losses was growing with, as a consequence, significant costs ... in fact easily avoidable.

4m therefore turned to UP trace for its recognized skills and especially for its software SERIANE by UP trace, real serialization and business assets tracking tool.

By specifically identifying each tool or machine 4m acquires, SERIANE can indeed:

  • Register new unit acquired,
  • Temporarily assigned to the installer and site
  • Follow his movements,
  • Generate alerts for the re-test
  • Replace the stock,
  • And when necessary, find it quickly.

In practice, it is by scanning through Motorola MC3290 mobile computers that each outgoing entity, identified by bar code, is associated with a vehicle (also identified) and following with an installer and a specific site.
The ergonomics of these machines and intuitiveness of the application are the two keys to success SERIANE solution:

"I now know permanently where all our machines are, a geolocation process that was far from possible before and that allows us to save time and money!" says the Head of 4m Maintenance. "User-friendly and intuitive compared to many software, using SERIANE is a great facility for our IT department".

Today, at any time, 4m can keep full control, a way to put a definitive end to time-waste investigations, material losses and costs.
Convinced of the significant economic impact of SERIANE tool 4m management also wished to acquire a support contract, which guarantees a rapid response if necessary and regular maintenance by the software team of UP trace .