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June 2015 newsletter


Packaging: be at the CLP norms with UBScode APLINK DUO COLOR

The CLP Regulation replaces definitively, since 1 June 2015, the previous Community legislation consisting of two Directives: Directive 67/548 / EC on the classification, labeling and packaging of dangerous substances and Directive 1999/45 / EC on classification, labeling and packaging of dangerous preparations. After its entry into force for substances on 1 December 2010, it is now to be extended to mixtures.
What about in practice?

Today printing icons, symbols and adapted logos is surprisingly simple thanks to the new UBScode Aplink MRX Duo Color.

The UBScode High Resolution Inkjet printer Aplink MRX Dual Color has been specifically designed for marking and coding simultaneously with two colors on porous boxes.
Space saving, with adjustable heads and height adjustable stand, it represents the summum of adaptability to environments and demanding cadences:

• 180x180 to 180x720 dpi resolution in Red & Black
• Print speed: up to 60 m / min
• Distance to the product up to 5mm
• Print height 70mm
• Vegetable inks for porous surfaces (1L or 500ml bottles)
• Instant drying
• Printing barcodes, text and fixed or variable data, logos, pictograms
• Printhead protection
• 2 print head positions (side / upper)
• Low T ° option (

UBScode chooses a turning point for the entire industry to offer us its latest technology focused on performance: twice cheaper, twice as fast and twice as easy, the printer APLINK DUAL COLOR with its double marking head has good times ahead!