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June 2015 newsletter


SATO CL6NX 6'' printer: choose the supreme simplicity!

The new printer CL6NX 6'' is a remarkable innovation signed SATO. It is designed to provide operation and maintenance simplified to the extreme. Simplicity that is felt from the beginning of its use: it is standard with multiple features at such ends:

  • Friendly operation
  • Multilingual support
  • Multiple emulations
  • Multiple interfaces as standard
  • Compatible with a wide range of consumables (ideal for A5 - SSCC)
  • Easy configuration and maintenance
  • Space saving
  • Quick label processing and output
  • Superior printing quality and precision 
  • Sustainable design

Technical data:

  • Print resolution 203 or 305 dpi
  • Direct thermal / thermal transfer
  • Print width 167,5mm (6.5 '')
  • Print Speed: 200 to 250 mm / s (8-10 pps)
  • Emulations: automatic detection ZPL-IPL-TPL-DPL

To test absolutely!