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June 2015 newsletter


Cookup Solutions: an integrated traceability more than ever reinforced

Cookup Solutions, whose Luxembourg factory (Tavola) is located in Capellen, is specialized in the manufacture of frozen ready meals and ranks among the European leaders in its sector. With an experience of almost 40 years, the Cookup Solutions group (Metz, Capellen and La Rochelle sites) perfected its skills with a quality platform, Qualipledge, bringing together its technical expertise , process and standards requirements. Its purpose? Give each customer a tangible guarantee that Cookup Solutions indeed offers him the best of the products!

Submitted for many years to quality controls driven by an extremely demanding renown clientele Cookup Solutions had allied to UP trace skills to establish an already sharp traceability system. This was reflected in particular by a clear and concise labeling, piloted by NiceLabel software, upon receipt of ingredients and shipping of finished goods pallets. Motorola LS3578 handheld terminals and Zebra ZM400 printers integrated to the enterprise management system were also used in production.

Despite all these locks, Cookup Solutions has been hard hit by the monumental deception of some unscrupulous players of the meat industry in 2013. As unexpected as violent it could have undermined the company's image, if its leaders hadn't made the choice of a responsible and constructive attitude: adjustment had to be quick and radical; it was. Thierry Gatto, Administrative and Financial Director confirms: "Less than two years later, the management of this crisis by Cookup solutions and the establishment of Qualipledge are now taken as a reference in the profession (The factory in Capellen has also obtained in 2014 the certification IFS / BRC star, grade B and QS certification, the German certification in the field of meat). We reacted by betting on excellence and the most important distributors have largely reiterated their confidence! "

In partnership with UP trace, this is a new traceability system, further amplified, compulsory for every actor, multiplying the control steps and making each strictly discharging for further process, which was put in place. Its prerequisites were:

  • Simplicity, in order to easily associate operators
  • Speed of implementation, in order to meet customer expectations
  • Effectiveness

In practice, a system of blue tear-resistant wrist tags (adapted to the food industry requirements) attached to each incoming pallet, to each ingredient tray, preparation or finished product, precises its specific content and origin by means of a bar code, description and associated lot numbers. At each stage of preparation, the LS3578 barcode readers allow a scanning of labels identifying the components that will be associated. Zebra ZM400 printers then generate, at the request of operators, a new blue label that will bring together all the previous data. The old labels are removed and replaced by the new, and the preparation can continue its path if no negative intermediate laboratory test, provided by the ERP, does interrupt it. So it's also the computer system as a whole which has been adapted to systematise the controls and make them possible; the extended use of NiceLabel to all printers in the production and its integration through NiceWatch were clearly strengthened.

For Christophe Capelle, IT Manager, the bet has exceeded all expectations: "Today, every information is available at any time. When in doubt, the affected lots can be blocked instantly. The system is not only faster, but also much more accurate, avoiding unnecessarily blocking of unaffected lots. Cookup's productivity is clearly the winner of that struggle. "

"We started from a new and unexpected situation, and our requirements were huge; UP trace has understood it, and our collaboration was optimal "concludes Thierry Gatto. "Adjustments, unavoidable in such circumstances, were made with responsiveness, until a stable and ideal solution."