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June 2015 newsletter


UP trace is 10 years old!

UP trace was born in December 2005 from reflections and field experience of its founder, Thierry van Ravestyn, present in the field of automatic identification and industrial labeling for over 20 years. He foresaw the fundamental need for the manufacturing industry and logistics for highly qualified and capable partners managing every steps and facets of traceability projects integration.

If UP trace initial Mission  has not changed (Providing companies the integration of simple traceability solutions, complete, perfectly tailored to their needs in an innovative spirit), it evolved with time and enriched with technologies, expertise, know-how that its team displays with pride!

Promoted in 2011 by a statement "Towards Excellence" to reach in 2014 the podium of Luxembourg Award for Quality and Excellence, recognized by the Label Made in Luxembourg for its Ariane and Seriane softwares, UP trace keeps up with care its role as services company and will continue to evolve for this purpose.

In 2015, it is a company in continuous growth and completing its team with new human skills which is preparing to celebrate its first decade anniversary!