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September 2017 newsletter


DELHAIZE Wine Cellar: High Resolution Marking on wine cartons

The « city » of Osseghem founded by the Delhaize brothers in 1880 in Molenbeek (Brussels) remains today the standard bearer of the belgian economic flagship. With its administrative center and the unique -but prestigious- wine bottling activity, it is the showcase of an indefatigable tradition of quality and excellence of the brand.
This “Wine Cellar Delhaize Le Lion/De Leeuw”, represents today more than 25.000m² of cellars, 90 workers and 19 to 20 million liters wine produced each year. In addition to these impressive figures, note that 140 wine consultants, 1 per store, are at the customers disposal. And to fully satisfy them, Delhaize does not hesitate to go through the vineyards of the entire world to offer a large choice of wines, which will be available in different types of packaging, ranging from a bottle of 25cl to the 5L bag-in-box.
Quality, selection and support in store are therefore the watchwords of one of the largest bottlers in Belgium…which also poses multiple requirements!

To Philippe Arts, Industrial Department Manager, the first commitment is quality:
« To ensure this, Delhaize has won ISO9001 certification for the selection, the packaging and the sale of wine. Nowadays, our evolution has led us to ISO22000, BIO (Certysis), SAC (AFSCA) and Fairtrade certifications, which subjects our cellars to stringent controls. Consequently, we are required to proceed to strict selections and evaluations of our suppliers.

Formerly, the produced bottles were packaged in racks labelled manually for the brief display of their contents. At the time it was decided, essentially for logistical reasons, to modify the packaging to cartons and to automate the lines, conventional label applicators rapidly revealed too slow for our sustained rates of 9 to 10.000 bottles an hour. That’s when we met UP Trace »

By proposing UBScode’s APLINK High Resolution (HR) Direct Printing systems for cartons, UP trace’s Technical Projects team both solved the problem of cadences and of quality standards required by controllers:

  • By printing up to 60m/min,
  • By using exclusively ECO inks based on vegetable oils, without solvents.

These systems, equipping the 4 lines of bottling (two for the 75cl, one for the Bag-in-box 3 and 5L and one for the particular formats), also allowed remarkable improvements for the Wine Cellar Delhaize and especially for the shops, really demanding :

  • By allowing the highly visible printing (70mm high), directly on the cartons, of essential data for handlers such as the EAN code, the wine name, the batch number, thanks to an MRX Aplink positioned after the cartooning on each of the lines,
  • By printing in black and withe the wine’s label on the other side of the 75cl lines cartons, thanks to an Aplink 1400 (140mm high), also positioned at the end of the line
  • By controlling the readability of each EAN marked code, thanks to an IDM140 Sick reader placed downstream the marking.

As a result?

A quick, clear and perfectly legible identification of the cartons, which, thanks to the wine label printed on it, has become a marketing object in itself. The ecology and economics of the installed solution add to the satisfaction of Delhaize, whose Production Manager, Erik Anno, summarizes the strengths :

« Firstly, the acquisition of this solution through Renting on the advices of UP trace is an enormous advantage for Delhaize, because it allows us to evolve over the years and to remain at the forefront of technology. At the end of each rental period, we study with their Technical Projects Team the possible improvements which will have a real added value for Delhaize, and adapt the choice of the material accordingly.

Then, the reliability of the UBScode hardware, highly industrial, efficient and above all very simple for the operators, is a remarkable asset for us.
Few or no breakdowns, a single annual maintenance, ensure optimal productivity.

The collaboration with UP trace for its part, long of several years, gives us a lot of satisfaction: the team always demonstrates excellent responsiveness, is attentive to our needs and often proposes THE right idea – technical and economic- at the right time!
Thanks to their full omnium support contracts, which guarantee us the passage of a technician or a backup printer at the slightest worry in record time, it is with total serenity that we envisage our future evolutions! »