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September 2017 newsletter

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Smart Camera weQube and Middleware ARIANE by UP Trace: ultime control of all your markings


Smart Camera weQube and Middleware ARIANE by UP Trace: ultime control of all your markings

weQube from WENGLOR is a selective and highly accurate Smart Camera for the detection and the processing of images in comparison with a model, based on their edges. Whether it is a standard image, a 1D or 2D barcodes, characters, the weQube ‘s multiple functionalities are combined through software packages adapted to check the presence and the exact position, at the end of production of a label, a barcode, a lot number or a consumption expiry date (DLC), and their readability.
Positioned along a production line, after a prospective packaging of the product and after our marking machines, the weQube allows to check that a direct printing or a labeling has taken place at the right place, that it is readable and perfectly in line with the reference standard. This camera stands out from the usual reading systems by its ability to locate all the characters: not only barcodes, but also numbers, texts or images. This is made possible by three software packages which are integrated into the camera, distinct but compatible with each other:

  • weQube Vision : image processing package
  • weQube Decode : code reading pack
  • weQube OCR : character recognition pack

Preparing the weQube for the comparison to the desired model(s) is extremely simple thanks to the intuitiveness of this technology. Capable of multiple recognition of rotating or variable-distance objects, weQube is THE intelligent camera that will detect any flaw in your traceability.

Ideal complement of the weQube, the Middleware ARIANE by UP trace is a set of software tools capable of integrating into your ERP to receive an order or essential production’s data, and able to dialogue with and control the automates of production on the basis of this received information.
The weQube ARIANE solution is therefore able to detect the presence of a reference standard but also to verify that it corresponds well to the data of the computer system of the company.