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September 2017 newsletter

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Direct printing on films: DYNACODE II from CARL VALENTIN, THE easy solution
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Direct printing on films: DYNACODE II from CARL VALENTIN, THE easy solution

Looking for a direct marking solution on continuous flexible packaging films (food plastics or other)? Discover our Dynacode printing solution coupled with NiceLabel!

Quality- Safety- Speed
Dynacode II continuous film thermal printers (plastics-cardboard) from our partner Carl Valentin enable precise printing with 300 dpi technology for 53, 107 or 128mm width printing in either intermittent or continuous mode. Suitable for barcodes, ingredients’ list, logo’s or expiration date printing, they have the advantage of being totally compliant with agro-food industry production, notably by the lack of label in contact with the direct packaging and by the use of adapted printing ribbon. Their resolution ensures a perfect impression and an irreproachable readability of the data. Their film transfer optimizer makes it a particularly economical solution of choice. And their integrated touchscreen, an extremely simple and user-friendly solution to use!

  • Great flexibility and respect of the cadences (printing in alternating intermittent and continuous modes)
  • Resolution 300dpi  = accuracy
  • Print width 53, 107 or 128mm
  • Built-in touchscreen
  • Speed up to 800mm/sec
  • Printing of logos, barcodes, graphics, texts, etc…
  • Transfer optimizer  = economy
  • Left and right versions, USB parallel interface, LAN
  • Easy to use and change of consumable
  • Possible integration in all horizontal and vertical packaging systems
  • Suitable for the agro-food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical,… industry

A system that can easily be further optimized by a centralized printing management, with Nice Label Power Forms labels’ edition software, perfectly compatible with the Dynacode. Allowing to design barcode’s layouts, texts and logo’s, and to create printing applications, it consists in a very personalized solution, which is adapted to the user.

Its added value?

  • Reducing manual data entry,
  • Decreasing the risks of human error
  • Increasing efficiency

It makes it easy to adapt the printing interface to the company and to the user's needs. Furthermore, Nice Label software offers a high level of compatibility with all types of printers, generally allowing the control of a company’s entire printer portfolio.