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March 2018 newsletter


New ZEBRA MC3300 : Productivity at all levels of your company

Professional teams require a professional mobile terminal, and in this category, the new MC3300 from ZEBRA is unmatched. From reception space to production and then to warehouse, its productivity functions - order picking speed, easier sighting, etc. - optimize work day after day.


  •  4 different configurations: gun, swivel head, straight or 45 °, to adapt to your applications. Ergonomics and performance.
  •  Long-range data capture: 2D codes reading at more than 18 meters away. It handles low and high impact readout, near and far, at all intermediate distances, and captures multiple barcodes from a single pressure on the trigger.
  •  Unquestionably robust: 1.50 m high falls and 1.000 falls from 1.00 m high. IP54 degree of protection against dust and splashes, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass touch screen.
  •  One of the most powerful instant professional connections. Operators connect instantly from anywhere on your site with WorkForce Connect via Wi-Fi
  •  Accessories compatible with all older MC3200 models and hot-swappable batteries.
  •  Simple Android operating system, transparent and with virtually no impact on the activity of end users.
  •  Zebra OneCare contract for unparalleled support.
  •  ARIANE by UP trace compatible