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March 2018 newsletter


Industry 4.0: yes, we are!

Technology serves us best when it gives us more time to perform strictly human tasks

Fourth industrial revolution after mechanization, mass production and production automation, Industry 4.0 is characterized by the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing processes.

The "Smart Factory" or "Factory 4.0" aims to gain competitiveness and consumption optimization. Production is maximized and planned according to costs. Connected to each other, the machines of a factory (or even on several sites) and sensors exchange information. This continuous and instant communication between the various tools and workstations thus integrated into the manufacturing and supply chains optimizes manufacturing processes and improves flexibility. It makes it possible to adapt to the demand in real time and to better satisfy the individual needs of each customer.
From now on in the industry we are no longer doing Big Data, but Smart Data i.e. capturing the right data, transforming it, and using it to optimize its manufacturing process.

That futuristic vision of the industry matches indeed with UP trace mission since its inception: "Providing companies with the integration of automatic printing and data acquisition solutions tailored to their needs ..." * and which it implements thanks to the development of its Middleware ARIANE by UP trace. By connecting marking and labeling systems, weighing systems, film wrappers, production line PLCs, barcode / 2D / RFID sensors, vision sensors and by connecting them to ERP or other systems / DBs in one intelligent and productive chain. And with, for the years to come an ambitious development program for ARIANE anticipating technological future developments. Industry 4.0, we are already there!

In Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany, country leaders surrounded by experts from various horizons have launched plans for industrial reconquest, based on such a convergence between industry and digital world. Like many of our customers today, managers who have embarked on the adventure have often seen their productivity multiplied by two or more, thanks to increased data sharing.

What about you ?